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s1_001_johnatwork_march55 * The Wizard himself at work in the early days of 1955. The Great Divide yard is only a pencil line with one lonely water tank sitting by itself. The original G&D with Taylor Lake is directly behind John. * 3072 x 2048 * (1.56MB)
s1_002_roundhouse_july56 * In July 0f 1956, the Great Divide terminal is buzzing with activity with everything from cattle loading to locomotive turning. * 3072 x 2048 * (1.84MB)
s1_003_const_april57 * The yard and control panel at Gorre in April of 1957. * 3072 x 2048 * (2.26MB)
s1_004_const_april57 * Ancient 4-4-0 #8 with wooden coaches in tow passes below the Butler Mine while a lone horseman views the unfinished high girder bridge under construction. * 3072 x 2048 * (2.25MB)
s1_005_const_unkdate * The original Gorre & Daphetid in the foreground.  Devilís Post Pile at the left hides a support post. * 3072 x 2048 * (1.84MB)
s1_006_const_july57 * What Sowbelly and Scalp Mountain looked like in July of 1957. * 3072 x 2048 * (2.04MB)
s1_007_const_july57 * The engine terminal area at Great Divide. The roundhouse and the buildings at Great Divide have yet to be built. Note the coaling station and streetcar tracks which can be seen in views #23 and #27. * 3072 x 2048 * (1.92MB)
s1_008_curve_april58 * 2-6-0 #25 with a local freight rounds the high bridge on Sims Loop which passes over spectacular Grandt Cliff. The year is April, 1958. * 3072 x 2048 * (2.28MB)
s1_009_mountain_april58 * High above French Gulch at the town of Akin, gas-electric #60 stops to unload. * 3072 x 2048 * (2.09MB)
s1_010_lake_april58 * Taylor Lake in April of 1959 showing completed construction near Devilís Gulch. * 3072 x 2048 * (2.33MB)
s1_011_butler_unk58 * Below the Butler Mine at Angels Camp high above French Gulch, 4-10-0 #34 eases out of one of the G&Dís many tunnels.  The yet to be completed girder bridge to Scalp stands to the left. * 3072 x 2048 * (2.16MB)
s1_012_levels_unk59 * The early days at French Gulch with four types of bridge construction in view. * 3072 x 2048 * (2.5MB)
s1_013_lake_april59 * Taylor Lake again in 1957 with one lone boatman in this scene from the original G&D Railroad. * 3072 x 2048 * (2.44MB)
s1_014_freight_july59 * Andrews and its associated industries. * 3072 x 2048 * (2.26MB)
s1_015_bridge_july59 * The sun has just peeked out through the clouds as it casts its rays on the track leading to Daphetid at the left. The ties in place at the bottom of the picture belong to the under-construction Devilís Gulch & Helengon narrow gauge RR. * 3072 x 2048 * (1.97MB)
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