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As you are browsing these galleries, you might want to keep in mind John's words in his last letter to the NMRA Bulletin. It really puts all our work into focus.

The galleries in this section are divided into several groups. Links to all the galleries are shown at the left. Many of the photographs and slides (except the magazine scans) are reproduced from the originals, which are owned by Keith Beard. Keith has scanned some of the originals and provided us with those scans for use on this website. As you can see from the pop-up photo, this is a large and on-going task! The magazine scans (by Jeff Witt) are included for comparison of the photographs therein to those provided by Keith. You are permitted to download these images for personal use only. You are permitted to post the photographs, from Galleries One through Five ONLY, on a website, forum or other electronic medium, provided that copyright acknowledgement and a statement similar to this are included. Commercial or other reproduction of any kind is permitted only with consent of the site owners. If you are interested in commercial reproduction, please contact us.

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Notes on the galleries:

  1. Many of the slides have COMMENTS at the top. If you can add anything, please contact us.
  2. Many photographs which contain multiple elements are classified in the group containing the most important element. Thus, locomotive shots may also display rolling stock, structures, etc.
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Group Zero: New Goodies UPDATED as of August 9, 2006

  • Rod Smith's BULLINE and hotbox cars
  • Scott Matherly's engine house. The full set of Scott's photos are available ONLY on the CD!
  • A sample set of low-res versions of a few of the slides in Volume Two
  • Additional, newly discovered black and white scans from the Beard collection
This is the location for all new scans. Items in this collection are posted here for a short time, while we research them. About twice a month, they will be moved, as appropriate to their permanent galleries. Think of it as new cars arriving in a yard. Once the waybills are swapped, the car moves on!

Group One: Locomotives of the Gorre and Daphetid UPDATED as of April 27, 2006
This group contains photographs of the motive power of the G&D, as well as “guest” locomotives which made appearances there. In addition, this section contains photos similar to those in the magazines and advertisements for comparison purposes.

Group Two: Rolling Stock of the Gorre and Daphetid UPDATED as of April 27, 2006
This group contains photographs of the rolling stock and revenue cars of the G&D. Photographs taken by John Allen to document construction of rolling stock, often used in similar formats in magazine articles, are also included. May have comments linking them to the articles.

Group Three: Structures of the Gorre and Daphetid UPDATED as of April 27, 2006
In this group, we have assembled scans of the structures on the railroad. Also included in this section are several “How-to” photographs which display John Allen's construction techniques. These should be compared to the magazine article photographs and written material. Where they can be identified, links to the appropriate magazine article will be included.

Group Four: Planning and Construction UPDATED as of April 27, 2006
In this group, we have collected diagrams, sketches, and photographs of the Gorre and Daphetid under construction. There were three separate layouts. This section includes record shots of all three. NOTE: some of the original scans in this section are quite large and also in color. These will be especially burdensome for modem users.

Group Five: Miscellaneous UPDATED as of August 9, 2006
This group contains all the pictures that don't fit neatly into the other categories. Included are pictures of friends and visitors at the Gorre, as well as some “trick photography” shots and prototype photographs from John‘s collection.

The newest addition to this Gallery is the extensive collection of G&D items maintained by the Monterey and Salinas Valley Railroad Club. These are items salvaged from John's home after the devastating fire. Many are burned severely, but they are the surviving items from the G&D.

Group Six: Magazine article scans UPDATED June 6, 2023
John Allen was a prolific author and, of course, a commercial photographer. This gallery contains representative scans of his early work in several model railroad magazines. The gallery is split into several small sub-galleries to speed loading time and decrease search time when looking for a particular magazine or issue. It is interesting to compare the published photographs with other, similar shots contained in the above galleries.

Please note that all scans and thumbnails of Model RailroaderTM magazine articles and covers have been removed by virtue of a request made by Kalmbach Publishing Co., which claims that reproduction of these images violates their copyright. We are attempting a resolution of this issue with Kalmbach. We are currently engaged in very positive discussions with Kalmbach on this issue. Your patience is requested.

Use of the material in this gallery is explicitly limited to personal, non-commercial purposes.

Group Seven: Book & Advertising Photography UPDATED March 25, 2006
John Allen was as famous for his model railroad photography as he was for the Gorre and Daphetid. This gallery contains representative advertising photography for Varney, an early producer of locomotives and rolling stock, and Pacific Fast Mail, which produced exquisite brass models. Other manufacturers’ ads will be added as they become available. Many of the scans in this folder are from Chuck Kinzer's excellent collection. Also in this gallery are photographs of John's work contained in several model railroad books now out of print. Many of these photographs are represented in similar pictures in the layout galleries above. Use of the material in this gallery is explicitly limited to personal, non-commercial purposes.

Group Eight: Commercial Commemoratives of the G&D UPDATED August 8, 2006
This gallery differs from the others in that none of this material represents the work or artistry of John Allen. It is rather a collection of memorial and commemorative engines, rolling stock and structures. Some are accurate representations of similar pieces on the G&D while others are pure fantasy. This gallery is far from complete. If you know of any additinal commemorative material that we should include, or have better or additional photos of these items, please e-mail the Team. The MDC-Roundhouse car collection of Pat Turner is presented separately as a table, because of the volume of data and the small size of available photos. Copyright and/or trademarks for each of the items in this gallery belong to others. Use of the material in this gallery is explicitly limited to personal, non-commercial purposes.

Group Nine: THE SLIDES
There are three sets of slide scans in this Gallery. Sets One and Two were prepared by Paul Beard. Set Zero is from the Beard family collection, recovered from John's house after it was purchased by the family. Many of these slides have never been seen before. Comments on Sets One and Two are taken from documentation prepared by Paul Beard.

Group Ten: "No-Bill Gallery"
A "no-bill" car is one for which the railroad has never had, lost, misplaced or destroyed the waybill, which tells it about the car. These pictures are "no-bills" in the G&D project collection. This gallery contains those pictures for which we have incomplete information. Any assistance you could give us in identifying people, objects or places would add to our collective knowledge of John Allen and the Gorre and Daphetid, and the people around them. As you look through this gallery, click on the link above any picture if you can provide information. An e-mail address is required, but it will be used only to verify your data, ask you a question, or provide reciprocal information you may request. It is not stored on our server. To help us in our research, please head on over to the gallery.

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