Slides and Photos from the personal collection of

Rod Smith, G&D Operator: Yardmaster of Great Divide, 1963-64

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On the first eight photos in the gallery, in Rodís own words...

I took them at a layout tour of the Pacific Coast Region, NMRA in 1956. I had just joined and this was my first visit to the G&D.
I was 16 at the time and not a very good photographer. My camera was pretty primitive. As you can tell, the film lost a lot of color over the years.
Keith scanned the slides I took down to Monterey for him. One thing that might interest you.
Those pictures may be unique in a way as I brazenly used my flash on the camera.
I didn't know John discouraged flash use and he didn't ask me to stop.
They were big bulbs so he must have noticed.

On the remaining photos, obviously taken at much later dates...

I also had some photo's I bought at a NMRA PCR Coast Division auction, which were also in the group Keith scanned.
I don't know who took them. None of them were taken during my visit in 1972 though.
By then I knew John's rules about amateur photographers.
I should have mentioned that visit was only 3 weeks before John passed away.

My wife and I were in Monterey for our wedding anniversary on December 12, 1972.
We visited John briefly while there as I wanted her to see the G&D where I had operated back in the early 1960's.
There was an ops session in progress so John had little time to spend with us.

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