In Memoriam: Peter Prunka, the Godfather of the GDRP
A Reminiscence

Keith Beard remembers...

I had all these B&W prints and Color Slides of John Allen's that nobody had seen! Or if they had seen them, they were poor resolution copies in magazines etc. I started scanning them and sharing with the Yahoo group and had folks really enjoy them. I remember someone said they were printing in 8.5 x 11 or otherwise examining a scan, "manythings.jpg" I think it was, from then I wanted to scan more and more. I asked if anyone knew the best way to share them with everyone and Peter chimed in and took it from there. The rest is history.

Thanks Peter, for letting everyone share and enjoy…

Jeff Witt remembers...

I never met Peter in person, but we spoke on the phone several times and shared innumerable e-mails during the development of the web site, the CD-ROM, and finally the DVD Box Sets. I considered him my friend. Peter's dedication was unflagging, even in the face of serious health issues and technical problems with the web site hosting. He suffered trolls only to a point, which was more than fine with me! I am among those who realized (and appreciated) the incredible sacrifices of time and treasure that Peter expended to build the framework that we now attempt to preserve, maintain, and expand.

My sincere condolences go to Peter's widow Jeanne and all his family for his untimely passing.

Godspeed, Peter, we will try to do justice to the project you launched so many years ago!!!

Charles E. "Chuck" Kinzer remembers...

Like some others, I only knew Peter electronically by email. My contributions to the site were mainly proofreading text and providing some PFM advertising photos and information as well as some of the Varney back cover ads. But it was the proofreading part that led to much fun banter between us. Peter seemed to have a vast vocabulary and was exceptionally versed in good writing style. He would chide me for some syntax issue or word choice and I would fire back with examples of how I was correct. Peter may have "won" those debates slightly more often, but It was all good-natured with each of us trying to top the other. (Or perhaps I was just trying to keep up!) Peter certainly manifested a significant intellect. Peter also produced the set of four Gorre & Daphetid CDs and one slide show DVD to help defray site costs. There weren't many sets produced and should be considered a collector item. Certain things in life require what we call a "champion" to tirelessly work and push and promote and coordinate something to a successful result. Peter was certainly the champion for The desire of so many to keep its content available as and keep adding to it is an appropriate honor to what Peter created (although he might have suggested a word like "propitious").

Tom Hokel, proprietor of the fabulous Pine Ridge Railroad, remembers...

Peter’s time and devotion to the GDLines website was immeasurable. Until the last few years, every time you turned around, he was adding new “surprises.” I know that he had more “surprises” in store … so we will carry on with some of them.

I remember when I received the first set of GD DVDs he produced, my jaw dropped! It was much more than just photos and a “dump” of the website. He masterfully weaved things together, including music and transitions. He was, in a very real sense, an artist himself.

Peter, we all thank you for your contributions in keeping John Allen’s legacy and his Gorre & Daphetid RR alive. And now, we will do our best to return the favor and keep your legacy alive. Thank you so much.

Rest in Peace, Peter T. Prunka.

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