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Bob Hogan's photos from his 1964 visit to John Allen's legendary Gorre & Daphetid model railroad

Read_Me_First * Introduction to the Gallery: click here for more... * 502 x 607 * (243KB)
User_Help * Important note for accessing the full-size images * 502 x 607 * (224KB)
Bob_Hogan_G_D-01 * Bob's comment: First is a shot of the four bridges scene.  The two United Shays were mine, but I have no idea of why I thought they would look good on the bridge.  I love the diversity on bridge types in this photo. * 3743 x 2654 * (8.31MB)
Bob_Hogan_G_D-02 * Bob's comment: The second is yet another bridge shot, but showing the yet unfinished upper level of the G&D. * 3742 x 2725 * (8.03MB)
Bob_Hogan_G_D-03 * Bob's comment: Another bridge shot. * 3743 x 2777 * (8.91MB)
Bob_Hogan_G_D-04 * Bob's comment: The turntable area and various G&D locomotives.  Note the still unfinished backdrop. * 3409 x 2490 * (6.29MB)
Bob_Hogan_G_D-05 * Bob's comment: (This photo) clearly shows the delineation from completed backdrop behind the narrow gauge to newly installed material. * 3752 x 2698 * (8.0MB)
Bob_Hogan_G_D-06 * Bob's comment: (This photo) is some of the Gorre yard area and equipment. * 3496 x 2541 * (6.98MB)
Bob_Hogan_G_D-07 * Bob's comment: (This) photo shows the now famous original Gorre engine house and depot area. * 3535 x 2624 * (7.11MB)
Bob_Hogan_G_D-08 * Bob's comments: (This) photo is a good example of John's floor-to-ceiling scenery in the canyon area and a good example of John's forced perspective modeling. * 3492 x 2674 * (7.3MB)
Bob_Hogan_G_D-09 * Bob's comment: A pair of stone arch bridges. * 3606 x 2810 * (8.23MB)
Bob_Hogan_G_D-10 * Bob's comment: More excellent scenery shots of the G&D.  This includes the burn area. * 3592 x 2770 * (8.24MB)
Bob_Hogan_G_D-11 * Bob's comment: (This includes) the narrow gauge on the high line. The United D&RGW L-131 is mine and, yes, it did run just fine on the G&D main line.  These images show the timelessness of the old G&D. These scenes would stand up against any of today's great layouts. * 3592 x 2732 * (8.52MB)
Bob_Hogan_G_D-12 * Bob's comment: We conclude my 1964 visit to John's G&D with two overall photos showing the extent of his excellent scenery.  John loved his bridges and five are evident in the first photo (photo 12).  That's my United Prairie King 2-6-2 in the shot. * 3768 x 2898 * (8.95MB)
Bob_Hogan_G_D-13 * Bob's comment: We then rotate 90 degrees to the right from the previous posting of the burn area and conclude with this wonderful overall view of the G&D.  I hope everyone enjoyed this little visit and I was happy to share these photos with other fans of John and the G&D.  Thank you! * 3730 x 2785 * (7.84MB)
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