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Comment: Here is another pic. Me standing in the kitchen. The plank went accross to the entry way, see previous pic.
README * Read Me FIRST!!! * 1024 x 1024 * (298KB)

h1mestairs * And here I am at the top of the stairs looking to the basement ~1979!
The living room floor was burned all the way through! * 1039 x 1024 * (831KB)

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1/22/17 11:42 PM
h3kitchen * Here is the kitchen; I still have the table and chairs. The table can be seen in The 
Book page 138. * 1039 x 1024 * (766KB)

h4bedroom1 * Here is the main bedroom; that table can be seen in the B&W pics from very early (the pics with John doing drawings at Irving St.) * 1039 x 1024 * (760KB)

h5hearth * Here is the hearth, you can see the Terminal area in the basement.
Port would be to the right of that. * 1025 x 1024 * (677KB)

h6darkarea * This is looking away from the G&D, the darkroom was in the far right area (see the bottom of the stairs for reference). * 1039 x 1024 * (824KB)

h7darkroom * A closer look at the darkroom door etc (again looking across the stairs for reference). * 1039 x 1024 * (764KB)

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