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Keith's photos of rebuilding John Allen's former house.

digfloor * We had to lower the cement floor in the basement to meet code for living space. (we dropped it about 16 and poured additional foundation) We dug out the dirt under the slab, then broke off chunks with a sledge hammer. * 1039 x 1024 * (882KB)
excavatescalp * This worked well as the dirt was soft fill dirt. BUT when we came to the back corner where John had poured cement over the raised mound, it was the original hillside clay and chalkrock! A hard swing of the pick would remove only a SMALL chunk! H ere we are looking at the back corner behind Devil's Gulch where the big mirror was. Scalp is gone, and we have dug to about the bottome of Devil's Gulch. * 1039 x 1024 * (717KB)
cementmixer * We had to add some foundation due to lowering the floor and excavation. * 1039 x 1024 * (734KB)
fndtnfrenchgulch * Under French Gulch (the back corner still to be excavated). * 1039 x 1024 * (731KB)
backfoundation * And the back corner. * 1039 x 1024 * (683KB)
spiral1 * We had to put in a spiral stair. Since we lowered the basement floor, the stairs would have run into the far wall, and if we made them steeper, they would not meet rise-run code. * 1039 x 1024 * (741KB)
spiral2 * BUT you can have a STEEP spiral stair! * 1039 x 1024 * (727KB)
house0040 * My brother welding them up. * 2204 x 2828 * (2.72MB)
house0024 * And we had to hold up the upper wall while we replaced the wall next to Port. The ladder is standing where Port was... * 1380 x 1360 * (845KB)
house0021 * ...and a shot from outside looking in, ladder is on the right. * 1392 x 1430 * (889KB)
house0020 * We replaced the beams with LARGER ones, and we put them flush up against the floor (vs UNDER the joists). This gave us MORE headroom, and LESS posts! All the joists were either replaced or had new ones set alongside the old ones. Also, bigger joists were used under the livingroom so there are NO posts in that whole area; This is looking under the kitchen. * 1420 x 1430 * (885KB)
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