It was published in 2004 by Timber Times, Inc. which published many other books as well as periodicals.


Due to health issues, the owner Phil Schnell closed it in July of 2017(details below).


It can still be found through various sellers, including Amazon. Following are the jacket notes:




The following was posted on Trainorders.com:

Date: 07/29/17 19:24
Timber Times Magazine Fades Into History - No More Issues!
Author: LoggerHogger


I am sorry to report that our last logging history magazine, Timber Times has printed it’s last issue.

Phil Schnell has worked tirelessly to keep this fine magazine going for all these years. Started in 1993, Timber Times was the 3rd magazine to cover the topic of steam logging. First was Timber Beast, then came Tall Timber Shortlines followed by Timber Times.

The first 2 dropped away over the years leaving only Timber Times for those of us who love all things logging to hang onto for our “logging fix”. Now, sadly, we have not even one logging magazine left.

I am proud to say I have written for all 3 of these logging tomes and was the “photo editor” for Timber Times since its first issue.

Phil has had health issues in the last few years that has slowed this publication. Now, those issue have forced it’s cancellation for all time.

Thanks Phil, for keeping this magazine of logging history alive as long as you have. We will all cherish our issues of Timber Times in our libraries for years to come.